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Vinegar… it’s many uses!!!!

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I love White Vinegar. I have used it for so many things… first, I began with using it to aid in treating thrush when the kids were babies. Soon, I started using it when washing cloth diapers. Then, it became the main cleaning item. I used it with baking soda to clean the bathroom (tubs), the kitchen, the kids high chairs, when steam cleaning the carpet, etc. I LOVE it!!!!!

Today a friend posted a great site… it shows many uses for vinegar, including whitening your teeth!!!!! I love this site and am sure to check back often!

1001 Uses for Vinegar
Check it out!!!!!!

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Toddler bed update

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So far, B has been doing pretty good with the toddler bed. She has gotten out a few times, but only missed her nap twice. Mostly, she just sits in her bed, calling for us. She did get up really early one morning and went in to wake up Z, but other than that, she has been fine.

ZANE on the other hand has NOT been doing so well. I can’t get him to stay in his toddler bed. He constantly gets up, beats on the wall, plays with his toys, etc. He is a routine kid… and he just can’t get back into his routine in the new bed. Last week we actually put the pack n play in his room. He has been requesting to sleep in that. He falls asleep pretty quickly in the pnp. So, we will continue to let hims sleep there until he wants to sleep in his bed. As long as he sleeps, we are all fairly happy. ;)

Here is a picture of the 4th night of toddler bed. I found him asleep, on the floor. Funny kid.


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Cool alternate for the summer splash pool

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Thursday was sunny and hot. Like most summer days here in NC. We are down to one vehicle, currently. So, I needed to find a fun activity for the kids. We play in the little plastic pool and our little splash yard most days. They were a little bored with that. Seems you get a few days of fun play, then they want something new.

So, I got out a bunch of cups and poured the freezer full of ice in the cooler. I dumped a bunch in the pool and had them catch the cubes. Then, I opened the cooler and let them take turns getting cup fulls. They poured them from one cup to another, ate ice, put ice down the slide, etc. They had a blast, for HOURS!!!!!! I will definitely keep this in mind for a “hot day” activity!!!!!